Iqoniq is a cryptocurrency on iqoniq private blockchain, iqoniq promise be the Future of Fan Engagement and the are doing partnership with important sport teams.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links and this is not a financial advise

Table of contents

  1. Registration

2. Pass the kyc (know your customers)

3. Pursache tokens

(updated 10/10/2020)

1. Registration on iqonic platform

You can see the iqoniq project here

The presale will be valid only first 4 weeks, then it will close.

We must be invited with a invitation link, you can use ours or find yours ,

  • Once we fill the form… referral program rewards users with up to 2125$ (cro coins worth) for each invited that join to mobile app and web exchange and stake cro.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links

Our codes ( it works for app and web exchange):


You can use this code bveapsxjw7 or this link for mobile app:

Also this code bveapsxjw7 or this link for web exchange referral id:

Update: 50$ bonus on app ends on november, new bonus will be 25$

Table of contents

  1. Resume

2. mobile app and bg50 program

  • How do my referrals register for the…

What is YFV, how to staking and farming (guide + faqs)

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links

Spanish Translation (En español):

Table of content

  1. What is YFV + info and links
  2. Start staking/farming YFV
  • Seed Pool (Stablecoins)
  • YFV gobernance vault
  • BPT Staking (Farm YFV with balancer pools)
  • Eth fees resume
  • Withdraw funds (Remove liquidity) on balancer pool with BPT from YFV pool


  • YFV referral program
  • Choosing the best pool to start farming
  • I cant see my balance/stats on balancer after stake BPT!
  • Wallet error: method eth_sendTransaction does not exists/is not available
  • Impermanent losses information (defi farming risks)


YFV will transition and be swapped to VALUE


Que es YFV, como hacer stake y farmeo de liquidez (guía y faqs)

Este post contiene algunos enlaces de afiliado

English Translation (En Inglés):

Tabla de contenido

  1. Que es YFV + info y links
  2. Cómo comenzar el stake/farmeo en YFV
  • Seed pool (Monedas estables)
  • Staking de YFV
  • Staking de BPT ( Farmeo de YFV con pools de balancer)
  • Remover fondos (Liquidez) de una pool de balancer con BPT desde YFV


  • Programa de referidos de YFV
  • Cómo elegir la mejor pool para farmear
  • No puedo ver mi balance/estadísticas en balancer despues de hacer stake de BPT
  • Error en el monedero: method…


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