How to get iqoniq token on presale (guide)

Iqoniq is a cryptocurrency on iqoniq private blockchain, iqoniq promise be the Future of Fan Engagement and the are doing partnership with important sport teams.

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Table of contents

  1. Registration

2. Pass the kyc (know your customers)

3. Pursache tokens

(updated 10/10/2020)

1. Registration on iqonic platform

You can see the iqoniq project here

The presale will be valid only first 4 weeks, then it will close.

We must be invited with a invitation link, you can use ours or find yours ,

  • Once we fill the form, we must verify our email address clicking on the email we received.
  • Inside the platform, we pass kyc with one of the methods they provide us, we can do it with the phone with the link they give us, we need take a photo to our passport/document id + a selfie.

After pass kyc, we will be able to pursache iqq tokens with eth and btc. We must give a valid eth address to get the tokens, use your private ethereum address and not a exchange address!.

On the presale the iqq token is sold at 0.1$

Also you will get a bonus on your pursache from 10% up to 50% pursaching at least 250€ for 10%. For example if we pursache 50.000 iqq tokens, we will get another 10.000 in bonus!

We can earn more tokens for invite friend. Just share your link to your friends and earn more iqq tokens!!

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