YFV finance ( Yfvalue) yield farming guide info and faqs

What is YFV, how to staking and farming (guide + faqs)

Table of content


1. What is YFV

YFValue logo

Information and links


YFV — yfv finance vaults and balancer pools roi
YFV balancer pools and roi in usd

2. Start staking/Farming

YFV Staking requisites (update)

2.1. YFV vault, vUSD and vETH



vUSD and vETH

Farm with zappier.fi

Farm in balancer

Adding liquidity to balancer pool, example fees
unlock token spend on yfv farming page
Stake/Unstake bpt or yfv fee costs example

Removing liquidity on balancer pool with BPT from YFV pool


Where is my referral code and how referral program works

YFV affiliate program and link

What is the best pool to start farming

Balancer pool fee returns

I cant see my tokens/stats on balancer pool after stake BPT

Wallet error: method eth_sendTransaction does not exists/is not available

Impermanent losses information (BPT and balancer)



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